Alleman se Huisie

Accommodation in Nieu Bethesda is both comfortable, quirky and offers all you need to make your stay memorable. Small and self-contained, this cottage sits in a pleasant garden in the heart of Nieu Bethesda. Have a barbecue with some lamb chops on the patio and watch the sunset before being dazzled by the starry night sky.

On chilly winter nights, our genuine Karoo mohair wool blankets will keep you warm and cosy. On warm summer nights we have cool, comfortable cotton linen for a restful sleep. Alleman se Huisie is self catering and can accommodate up to two guests comfortably in a twin room. If you do not want to cook, visit our local restaurant, The Karoo Lamb, for hearty home-cooked meals.

Life in Nieu Bethesda potters along much as it did 130 years ago, when the village was founded. Stone water furrows still line the wide, dusty streets. Night skycaps are unpolluted by streetlights and the air is still fresh and clean.

Nieu Bethesda has a working network of furrows, with water supplied daily from a spring on the plateau above the village. Residents channel water into their gardens using smaller gated funnels. Visitors can hike along the furrows up to the spring. Horse riding is offered at several places in the village as well.

The area around Nieu Bethesda is good for either a leisurely ride or a challenging ride for serious mountain bikers. If youre feeling lazy, hire a bike from the Outsiders B&B and cruise around the village. Alternatively, wake up early to conquer one of the two mountain bike trails in the area.

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  • "Magical Nieu Bethesda"

    28 September 2017

    "For rustic quirky charm in the middle of magical Nieu Bethesda you can't go wrong with staying either at Alleman se Huisie or the Water Tower (on the same property). Very conveniently placed, clean, and with friendly staff."

    Bernadette Hubbart
  • "Adequate"

    01 January 2017

    "The cottage is a lot smaller than what the pictures depict but having said that it has all the adequate amenities. <br/>Centrally located (although slightly difficult to locate initially). <br/>Katrin was very helpful in letting us know what there was to do in town which we appreciated."

    Robyn Raath, South Africa
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