Royal Hotel Pilgrims Rest

The Royal Hotel Pilgrims Rest is situated in this historic and unspoiled gold mining village. Proclaimed as a National Monument in 1986, the village has succeeded in preserving the quaint atmosphere of yesteryear. Composed of authentic buildings dating back to the 19th century. The Hotel was built in 1894 celebrating its 105th birthday this year. The gracious Victorian accommodation boasts brass bedsteads and sumptuous ball and claw baths.

The hotel consists of six suites and 44 double or twin bedded en-suite bedrooms in the main hotel and adjacent cottages, still carrying their historical names. The hotel features a stately lounge with fireplace where you can relax and enjoy a sun downer or night cap. The Church Bar originally a school chapel was brought to Pilgrims Rest by ox wagon and erected adjacent to the hotel. The hotel also offers an informal theme restaurant known as Diggers Den and the Peach Tree Creek where formal meals and functions are held.

The facilities offered in the area are a nine hole golf course, horse riding, trout fishing, gold panning and hiking trails. A choice of charming museums and curiosity shops are available for the less energetic. The hotel is paraplegic friendly and children are welcome. Situated close to unequalled venues such as the Blyde River Canyon, Kruger National Park and the Panoramic Route.

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  • "Very neat and clean"

    01 January 2018

    "I can recommend this to anyone who enjoys awesome food, neatness and cleanliness. Beautiful decorated rooms and an awesome bath."

    Michelle Mans
  • "Evening meal at the hotel"

    04 March 2017

    "They can upgrade the towels and bedding. Car washers in the area is an absolute nuisance!!!"

    Renthia Roodt
  • "Elegant and historic"

    16 January 2017

    "We are a family of four from NZ (2 adults, two teenagers). The Royal Hotel is out of another era, and fading a little around the edges. Rooms were at the back of the hotel, a bit of a walk to get to them but nice and quaint when you arrive.<br/>Good hotel smorgasbord dinner and breakfast. <br/>Not too happy about the car being washed (at a cost) even though the sign on the dashboard said "Do not wash this car". Watch this one if you are staying there."

    Bruce McPhail, South Africa
  • "Fabulous place to stay"

    26 July 2016

    "Everybody was efficient and welcomimg. Our (4) rooms were clean, with everything we needed and VERY pretty.<div>Just don't expect to find any other restaurants in town open after 6.15pm!!! </div><div>We were a very mixed bag of guests.</div><div>1 x 15 year old</div><div>1 in 30s</div><div>2 in 40s</div><div>1 in 60s and</div><div>1 in 70s</div><div><br /></div><div>and were were all very happy</div>"

    Ruth Miles, South Africa
  • "A memorable stay"

    24 August 2015

    "<p>I have been looking forward to staying at the Royal Hotel for a very long time and I felt like a child on Christmas morning when I finally made my reservation. The mood was however spoiled when I arrived and they knew nothing about me. Luckily they had a room available and I kept the e-mails confirming my booking and the dates etc. still on my laptop (that travels with me). I had to show the front desk reception my confirmations as proof that I did indeed book. The following morning, I was told that they had my booking under a different date and that's why they didn't know about me. Other than this, the room was clean and I enjoyed my stay.</p>"

    Lorraine Thomas, South Africa
  • "Historic fun"

    19 July 2015

    "Nice but too many jobless people virtually begging and hanging round hotel spoil the experience."

    Johan Wagner, South Africa
  • "Review of Royal Hotel and Pilgrims Rest."

    28 April 2015

    "Room was clean, but beds are a bit creaky, toilet seat was broken. Staff werent too bad. The so called car guards and car washers are a bit of a pain and harrass the guests, often felts a bit unsafe and insecure. hotel needs to do someone about that. Unfortunetly the historical town has lost a bit of its charm by allowing the erection of stalls selling craft goods which are not related to the historical story of the town. A couple of original shops have also closed down which I think is due to these craft stalls. Sad to say things have changed there and will not be going back again.<div><br /></div>"

    Lynette Payne, South Africa
  • "Royal hotel Pilgrims Rest"

    26 November 2014

    "Excellent hospitality and service,unique and cosy historical bar, restaurant with excellent cuisine. Ideal venue and base to tour the area."

    Roeland Wintershoven, South Africa
  • "Looking for gold"

    15 October 2013

    "We stayed in the cottage which is very well equipped for a reasonable price. Food was not great, geared for large tourist groups. Service was a little disinterested. Breakfast buffet was really terrible. No sign of any managers and the "pub" is really run down. Hotel seems to think it has a captive market with the tour busses. The wine list would put any tourist off SA wine, they couldn't even sort out the white from the red."

    Dave King, South Africa
  • "Lovely"

    25 September 2013

    "Lovely and Quaint. A perfect place for a weekend away."

    Melody Gates, South Africa
  • "A touch of old time"

    23 September 2013

    "We were very pleased to discover a very nice hotel with furniture like the old period. We had storm raging at hour arrival in time and the electrical black out that followed gave us a very nice evening with the candle lights in the room. Very authentic experience.Strongly recommended."

    Mathilde MIQUEOU, France
  • "Old world charm"

    20 June 2013

    "Nice old world feel. Average meals, and quite noisy with thin walls. Staff were friendly. The traders outside the hotel are bothersome and people washing cars without asking and then demanding payment a general nuisance. Arrive before 9pm if you expect to get a meal."

    John Carolin, South Africa
  • "Enjoyed our stay"

    27 May 2013

    "Enjoyed our stay and the breakfast was very nice."

    pierre muller, South Africa
  • "Nice experience in an hitorical building"

    26 September 2012

    "Every thing was perfect : the room was very cosy and really clean with all you need! Take you dinner at the restaurant : the food is excellent and the staff really nice. Good value for money!"

  • "Nice"

    26 September 2012

    "Not what I expected but i guess it’s better than the rest. The breakfast however was not very appetizing at all."

    Riccardo Joseph, South Africa
  • "Great vacation"

    03 July 2012

    "Thank you for excellent service. Especialy the staff that cleaned the room; she was friendly and very helpful."

    Dolf Oosthuizen Oosthuizen, South Africa
  • "Great piece of history"

    30 May 2012

    "Staying at the Royal Hotel was an experience that cannot really be felt anywhere else... you are taken back over 100 years and you feel you are a part of history by staying in the same rooms and walking the same streets our pioneers did. Rooms were clean and quaint, staff were friendly and welcoming and the food was lovely. One night was perfect for us. Good work Royal Hotel!"

    Samantha Nel, South Africa
  • "Stay a little longer"

    19 May 2012

    "Such a small town but lots to do - museums, curios, horse riding, walking and many more. So charming, we really enjoyed our stay there. Only criticism - bath towels were looking a little worn."

    Genevieve Holder, South Africa
  • "Wonderful stay"

    07 May 2012

    "We had a wonderful stay at the Royal Hotel. Friendly service, excellent food and a cozy room. It was a very relaxing week end and we can recommend it to anyone."

    Katrien De Beer, South Africa
  • "Stay over at hotel"

    16 April 2012

    "The best stay ever. The staff was friendly and service were excellent. The rooms were as expected, beautiful. We got a feeling of living in the late 1800's. It was a great experience."

    Jolene van Rensburg, South Africa
  • "Very nice welcome"

    09 November 2011

    "We liked the stay a lot. Very nice welcome and good service."

    Andy Terren, South Africa
  • "Special place"

    27 October 2011

    "We stayed in the annexe of the hotel. It has old-time charm. It may be in need of a little TLC, but it is a place that we can recommend. Nice breakfast and dinner."

    Ben Van Biene, South Africa
  • "Truly South African"

    12 September 2011

    "We enjoyed our stay at The Royal Pilgrims Rest Hotel with friendly staff, a beautiful clean room and delicious meals."

    Karin Pretorius, Thailand
  • "A different experience"

    25 August 2011

    "The accommodation was adequate but the ventilation in the room was non existent. Dinner in the restaurant was excellent value and the staff singing at the end of the evening was the cherry on the top. The variety for breakfast was first class."

    Bert Collins, South Africa
  • "A little piece of history"

    12 August 2011

    "Friendly, comfortable, clean. So nice to see a piece of history so well maintained. Would definitely go back!"

    Robert Diering, South Africa
  • "Very nice"

    03 August 2011

    "Our stay was pleasant and the staff very kind. The rooms were nicely decorated and clean, however the bathrooms did not have enough hot water and the hand showers were not working. The food at the restaurant was very nice. Overall it is a nice and simple hotel and I would stay there again."

    Maria Pretorius, South Africa
  • "Nice and quiet"

    22 October 2010

    "Nice and quiet, although in the bank house alone I was never quite sure about the security of the place."

    Johann Zeger,Austria
  • "A pleasant and friendly stay"

    22 September 2010

    "We were welcomed at the Royal Hotel in Pilgrims Rest by friendly and professional staff. The requested rooms were changed both quickly and courteously to meet our requirements. We were a little sad when our visit ended. Lovely and interesting stay, and the "Ghost Tour" was a must. Thank you all."

    Mike Capel-Davies,South Africa
  • "The Royal Hotel Pilgrims Rest"

    18 July 2010

    "Pilgrim's rest is a nice town, the hotel is clean and nice. It recalls the old style of the pilgrims."

    Gianluca Bonanno,Italy
  • "Restaurant"

    06 May 2010

    ""Our stay four years ago was completely different from this years stay. While four years ago the atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed and friendly it was different this year. While we were eating we were always watched by staff and management as if they were scared we would pinch the knife and fork. Nobody was smiling like the year before. We will not go there again.""

    Hans Windisch,Portugal
  • "Recommended"

    18 March 2010

    "It was a pleasant experience"

    ian Oatway,South Africa
  • "Pilgrims' Rest in early December 2009"

    11 February 2010

    "We arrived a little later than we anticipated... too many wonderful sights on the way!. Our rooms were at one of the annexes of the Royal Hotel. A power outage caused us some concern ,,, it was getting close to tea-time and we wondered if we would get a hot meal. However, we chatted with some of the catering staff before dinner and had a very pleasant time.The meal was tasty and there was plenty of choice. It was not as classy as I was anticipating. Our lodging was clean and comfortable. We rested welland had a restful night's sleep ... although in single beds for husband and wife.Breakfast was delightful and much more lively as more people were there.We gathered our belongings, checked and drove off under a cloudy sky with a slight drizzle of rain."

    Philip Kerr,South Africa
  • "Nice experience"

    11 January 2010

    "It was a nice experience to stay at the Royal hotel, we liked it , and had a good time, the food was excellent, service very good with friendly staff, next time we will opt for the small houses, with 3 children it will cost less.Keep it up."

    Dawie Basson,South Africa
  • "Royal Hotel - Pilgrim's Rest"

    15 August 2009

    "Great - we really enjoyed it!"

    Glenda Pentopoulos,South Africa
  • "Royal feeling in Royal Hotel!"

    12 June 2009

    "We enjoyed our stay as much as possible!Very nice atmosphere, nice bar, nice restaurant with the singing Staff at the end of the evening and of course very nice stay in the half Way House! "

    Tineke Kokke,Netherlands
  • "We really enjoyed our stay."

    29 April 2009

    "The rooms are lovely and the food was excellent.The staff was very friendly and helpful and we felt safe and relaxed."

    Anonymous,South Africa
  • "A truly unique experience"

    23 March 2009

    " - lovely rooms, very good food, a relaxing bar and a good measure of hospitality in an environmental setting where time appears to stand still since the gold-rush. Something to be repeated !"

    Heinz Traunmueller,Germany
  • "A very enjoyable stay."

    18 March 2009

    "It was like stepping back in time! The hotel was very quiet but we still enjoyed excellent food, helpful staff and great gin and tonics! We felt well rested after our one nights stay."

    Belinda Hollingsworth,United Kingdom
  • "Perfect stop over"

    08 January 2009

    "Perfect place to stop over and recall history, having a beer or two - it oozes. Not to be forgotten "the locals" - thinking of people having to do with golfing - sorry guys I forgot your names, but you are what makes South African hospitality "

    Brigitte Zeillinger,Austria
  • "Stopover"

    06 November 2008

    "Very enjoyable and interesting. Food good and staff helpful"

    Anne-Marie Vdm-Herselman,South Africa
  • "Very good"

    31 October 2008

    "It was very nice, the rooms absolutely wonderful and the service good. It would be nice with safes in the rooms though.Thanks for some nice days."

    Chantelle McLean,Denmark
  • "A great experience"

    25 October 2008

    "How can you NOT stay over at The Royal? It's a unique experience & my tour group of 8 people - comprising of 5 different nationalities all enjoyed their stay. The food was truly excellent, staff were very friendly & the accommodation comfortable. Detail has been spent in keeping the Royal as 'old time' as possible, which makes it very appealing. I'm really glad we chose to stay there!"

    Jayne Winstanley,United Arab Emirates
  • "Recommended"

    28 August 2008

    "It is really very nice"

    Anonymous,South Africa
  • "Great stay "

    26 August 2008

    "Lovely rooms and the hotel has been able to keep the ambiance from last century with the comfort we can still expect."

    xavier chaveton,France
  • "A too short stay"

    15 August 2008

    "We were accommodated in a bungalow separated from the hotel with 2 comfortable rooms and the tranquility was remarkable.We appreciated the decoration and the chocolates.Scones in the breakfast is a delight."

  • "Absolutely wonderful"

    18 March 2008

    "We enjoyed our stay tremendously and we wish to come back again next year with another group of enthusiastic painters. The place is absolutely wonderful."

    Robert McLean,Denmark
  • "Very Charming"

    24 December 2007

    "Very charming! We brought my mother who is visiting from Denmark and she was very impressed. We all had a wonderful time... We would definitely like to come back."

    Maria Kjaer,South Africa
  • "Very good value for money."

    23 September 2007

    "Everyone was very helpful and pleasant.We thought we had travelled back in time for 50 years but this only added to the charm of the place."

    Ruth Chadwick,United Kingdom
  • "Royal Hotel luxury family suite:the best You can get"

    02 September 2007

    "This accommodation was a real stunner - a most charming, lovely decorated cottage.Beautiful living room, two extremely charming bedrooms,a patio to enjoy the morning sun, set in a beautiful garden. A security guard even accompanies You from the restaurant to Your house,don't know if this is really necessary in ZA, but a very kind gesture anyway. Dinner with steak was fine,could be more inspired,but was still alright and the waiter was very friendly. Really sorry we could stay for one night only at this lovely place. "

    Ammerer Lutz,Austria
  • "Good"

    29 August 2007

    "Nice place. Right quality"

  • "Time piece"

    12 August 2007

    "We loved our stay in the historically restored village cottages, pretty and very spacious.The evening buffet was an interesting spread. For breakfast our table was not reserved as the restaurant was booked for an outside party.This was odd, but the food was of high standard."

  • "Diving in the past"

    02 August 2007

    "We spent only one night at the Royal Hotel in Pilgrim Rest, but we really would like to stay there longer next time. It's a dive in the past in a very nice accommodation with all the comforts and kind hospitality. Great historical atmosphere and natural simplicity. We liked it a lot and we intend to go there more often to relax in the quiet of that place out of time and surrounded by the peaceful mountains."

  • "Great service"

    22 July 2007

    "Excellent service and great value for money. Dinner and Breakfast were superb and the staff friendly at all times.The family suite (Royal Cottage) was quaint and provided an excellent end to the holiday."

    Trevor Rolfe,South Africa
  • "Many Thanks"

    14 March 2007

    "Many thanks for a very comfortable stay."

    John Allen,United Kingdom
  • "Worth the drive"

    06 October 2006

    "The hotel and food - brilliant. The friendliness of staff excellent as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get away from it all, no TV and no room telephone. Which is great, you can relax and get back to nature in some ways! "

    Stanley Duncan,South Africa
  • "One night was enough!"

    31 August 2006

    "Enough to enjoy the traditions and decor of the hotel, an exceptionally comfortable cottage, and excellent dinner and breakfast."

    Brian Gooden,New Zealand
  • "Thoroughly"

    16 August 2006

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, so much so that we would like to return."

    sharon levin,South Africa
  • "A pleasure to stay in"

    24 July 2006

    "We enjoyed our stay at the Royal Hotel very, very much!Your staff is very pleasant and helpful.Your rooms are a pleasure to stay in(very pretty).We found your shops to be very interesting.Breakfast and dinner we enjoyed very much.Just a bit dissapointed in how the general state (maintenance of the rest of the town) has deteriorated since our last visit in 2000.However,We'll definitely be back!"

    Ursula Greyvenstein,South Africa
  • "Back In Time"

    07 July 2006

    "It was a most memorable experience being able to go back in time for a few days. On arrival one could sense that this heritage site was embedded deep into the rock of history. Had a most memorable peaceful and relaxing vacation."

    Kenneth Simons,South Africa

    19 June 2006

    "The Royal Hotel was a quaint place to stay in historic Pilgrim's Rest.The accommodation was good, and the food was excellent."

    jason mounts,United States of America
  • "Charm"

    13 March 2006

    "A very typical hotel and bedroom which offer charm.A restaurant- very good cooking at reasonable prices"

    NICOLAS nadia,France
  • "Living history"

    18 February 2006

    "We enjoyed our stay at Royal Hotel and also the catering in this historic building"

  • "Royal Hotel Review"

    13 February 2006

    "A most charming hotel in the heart of Pilgrims Rest. The annexe room was very spacious and the decor first class. We loved the Victorian theme of the fittings and furnishings. The bar and restaurant were also excellent. An overall 10/10 with special mention for fantastic value for money!"

    Steven Johnson,United Kingdom
  • "poor attempt at a theme park"

    08 January 2006

    "Paper thin walls, substandard bathroomdismall evening mealindifferant staff"

    steven bullen,South Africa
  • "Most Memorable Stay"

    04 January 2006

    "The most memorable stay I can remember for my family with excellent service and excellent rooms and excellent food in restaurant. The hotel was offering some accommodation specials which was not passed on to us by and was charged more. anyway I will still recommend the hotel for all tourists. "

    Sunil Agrawal,Botswana
  • "c1"

    21 August 2005

    "Great room in a historical cottage, excellent beds and bath and very quit during the night. Good practice of restoration and usage of monuments by privatecompany, thus uplifting the socio-economical situation of the town. Organise the hawkers and put victorian style market place for them, the town looks very messy during day and night by the stuff on the street"

    rene van son,South Africa
  • "Pleasant stay at the Royal Hotel"

    01 August 2005

    "Overall my stay at the Royal Hotel was good. The room was charming and clean (cleanliness is one of the most important factors to me when staying at a hotel). The hotel, cleaning and bar staff were very friendly."

  • "Pleasant stay at the Royal Hotel "

    01 August 2005

    "Overall my stay at the Royal Hotel was good. The room was charming and clean (cleanliness is one of the most important factors to me when staying at a hotel). The hotel, cleaning and bar staff were very friendly."

    Anonymous,South Africa
  • "Brown review of Pilgrims Rest Hotel"

    18 July 2005

    "Enjoyable stay ~ excellent service. Pilgrim's Rest village does need to review attraction."

    Gavin Brown, South Africa
  • "Brown review of Pilgrims Rest Hotel"

    18 July 2005

    "Enjoyable stay ~ excellent service.Pilgrim's Rest village does need to review attraction."

    Gavin Brown,South Africa
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