Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge

Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge is a world-renowned wetland and montane grassland destination, which is well-known for its many endemic bird species. The Farmhouse accommodates eight guests and the quaint adjacent bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, which sleeps two guests. Guests can also stay in Oom Hans' Cottage, a two-bedroom, self-catering cottage, with no electricity, but a gas geyser, fridge and stove. Another self-catering cottage, Badenhorst Cottage, is also available in town.The species to be found in the vast grassland include all three crane species, ground woodpecker, bald ibis, blue korhaan, the rudd's and bothas larks, the white winged fluff tail and the cape eagle owl.Discover the quietness of a bygone era in the park-like gardens and farmhouse which has been in the family for nearly 130 years. We do self-catering, B&B or dinner, bed and breakfast accommodation. Emma is your personal chef and housekeeper, and she is an excellent cook. Her farm-style dinners are a long standing favourite amongst our regular guests, as the visitor's book testifies. We also have a separate, two-bedroom self-catering cottage called the Oom Hans' Cottage. It is located approximately 500 m from the farmhouse, and it is equipped with gas appliances only.Guests at Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge are ensured of complete privacy as both the farmhouse and Oom Hans' Cottage are rented out on an exclusive basis only. Whether organizing a family gathering or escaping from the bright city lights for some rest and solitude, Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge is the perfect exclusive retreat.

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  • "The view"

    19 August 2018

    "There are a lot of good points but a lot of not so good points.The cistern is broken and the toilet must be flushed manually.All the drains are blocked and takes forever to drain away.There are a lot of cracked windows. The whole unit, including the ceilings need a coat of paint. The unit is generally run down and needs lots of attention"

  • "Everything...the warmth...the interior...the hospitality of Emma who welcomed us."

    19 June 2018

    "The only no no...are the sighns...leading to the establishment."

  • "The serenity of the location"

    28 May 2018

    "The historical ambiance. Emma who maintains and service the lodge is a star and spares no effort to look after ones requirements"

  • "everything!"

    03 April 2018

    "This is our 3rd trip to Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge and we will go back again. the house is so stunning and steeped in history and the garden is magnificent with lots of different birds. Emma who works in the house is a gem and amazing. It is so peaceful and we love it."

  • "The views early in the morning as the most clears"

    02 April 2018

    "View is great, the team on the farm very helpful. Good collection of books. Thought provoking read by Peter Beckers book on the history of Mzilikazi The Path of Blood and the role the Robert Moffat played in his life .If it rains and you do not have a 4x4 then leave your car at the main house and walk in. The black turf, water and cars do not get on well"

  • "Oom Hans Cottage"

    27 March 2018

    "This is a old farm experience with all the amenities you need without electricity. If you are a cellphone and gadget addict find another place. For us it was heaven on earth. The girls servicing the cottage has a passion for their work and nothing is too much asked of them."

  • "The Farmhouse"

    04 September 2017

    "The stay was absolutely AWESOME... Will come again"

  • "Tranquil, beautiful country scenery in a cosy cottage"

    29 August 2017

    "This is a rustic cosy little country cottage. Don't expect wifi and DSTV! Enjoy reading, playing cards, bird watching, country walks and drinking wine next to the coal burner in the cold winter nights!We really enjoyed our stay and Fred is most generous and accommodating. Emma (the cleaning lady) very kindly brought us hot pap in the morning and stoked the coal stove for us. Overall a great stay, we will definitely be back!"

  • "What a great place!"

    23 February 2017

    "Great setting with lovely gardens which suited our birding group very well. The interior is a marvel with old paintings, land deeds, curios and antique furniture...........very different indeed. Emma the maid and the two young girls were brilliant, serving some wonderful meals and doing our laundry. Would go back for another stay!!"

  • "Very very disappointed and furious"

    09 January 2017

    "First of all, when we initially booked one of the cottages, which was said to be available, it was said to us that we need to move to another cottage, as they have made a dubble booking. We accepted this and fully paid for our accommodation. <br/><br/>With the confirmation two days before we would be staying there, it was said that we need to get the key in the letterbox at the cottage. When we arrived at Wakkerstroom, at 18h00, the key was not in the letterbox. We then had to drive halfway to Volksrust, as the cellphone coverage was off in Wakkerstroom. After phoning the three numbers, 5 times each, we had no answer. We did not know what to do, so we drove to the Wakkerstroom farm lodge to see whether we will find someone there. There we found Emma who phoned Fred, Fred spoke to us saying he will phone Hannetjie who has the key, and that we need to go to her house to get the key. We went to her house, just to find no one there, this after Fred ensured us that she will be there. We then decided to wait for her who only got there at 21h00. <br/><br/>When we got to the cottage with her, another couple was also waiting for her, also apparently booked for the same cottage. <br/><br/>Fred is not answering his phone or replying on the email that we sent him. <br/><br/>Everything about this experience is and was unacceptable.<br/><br/>Reini en Melany Cronje"

  • "Oom Hans Cottage"

    22 April 2016

    "Hi, I think it would be wise to inform people that this cottage is very remote, the road is almost non-existing, I drive a Polo and it was difficult to get there. There is also no electricity with only paraffin lamps. I had to do some weaving, which is impossible. Luckily they had a bed for me in the main house, and the very friendly, helpful woman Emma was kind enough to prepare the room for me at 20h00 at night. I need to sleep there again on Sunday and Monday, so hopefully they would be able to accommodate me again in the main house, which is absolutely lovely!I would rate the main house with 5 stars, but the Oom Hans cottage only 1 star!"

  • "Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge"

    14 March 2016

    "I was very disappointed with my stay at Oom Hans Cottage, for a number of reasons: whilst the advertising blurb does mention that appliances and lighting are gas, I think it should state clearly that there is no electricity - we only stayed one of the two nights we booked, needing to find somewhere else where we could charge laptops, camera batteries, etc (as birders cameras were a vital part of our kit); nowhere was it mentioned that the approach to the cottage would've been practically undriveable in a standard car (thankfully we had an SUV), firstly along a rough dirt road, then through the front garden of the cottage, uncut knee-high grass; the toilet in the property was broken, and due to the hours we were out (5 am-9pm)we were reluctant to disturb poor Emma about it; it wasn't possible to lock the property - ok, so it was very much off the beaten track and an incident was unlikely, it still would'vefelt very uncomfortable leaving valuables there. The setting, however is awesome, and the building very attractive, it's just that had we known about the road and the lack of electricity we would never have booked"

  • "Mooi natuur"

    21 December 2015

    "Oom Hans se plek is regtig 'n teleurstelling. Die toilet moet elke keer oopgemaak word en die hefboom met die hand hanteer word anders spoel dit nie. Die sonkraglampe is oud en werk nie behoorlik nie. Drie parafienlampe het nie eens pitte of olie in nie. Die plafon is plek, plek stukkend. Die aand met stormwind klink dit of die dak wil afwaai soos wat die sinkplate klap. Die bed slaap egter goed. Wat 'n wonderlike naweek andersins was is bederf deur die gehalte van die verblyf."

  • "Lieflike Plaaskuier"

    30 November 2015

    "Ons het heerlik voor die kaggel gekuier in Wakkerstroom. Die plaashuis is ruim en propvol ou boeke en foto's van die Kolbe familie. Die kinders het die kalfie en klein bokkie gevoer en weggekruip tussen die bome en pragtige plante in die massiewe tuin. Emma, die huishulp, het ons plaaskuier voltooi met warm pap elke mre. Vir stadsjapies was hierdie voorwaar 'n besonderse plaaskuier !"

  • "Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge"

    23 October 2015

    "Wakkerstroom Farm Lodge is a lovely old historic house containing wonderful old kitchen utensils etc which took me back to my youth. It is set in a beautiful garden and is very peaceful and tranquil with excellent bird life. We also saw buck and hares in the garden. Emma cooked delicious meals for us and was very friendly and helpful. One small constructive criticism is that it would have been nice to have had a dessert after our dinner. Just ice cream and chocolate sauce or tinned fruit and Ultra mel custard would suffice. A most enjoyable stay at a very reasonable price."

  • "Wonderful"

    16 June 2014

    "It was wonderful to stay in a family home with so much history, character and comfort.Emma was extremely helpful and spoilt us by making the best 'krummelpap' ever. She also insisted that she would do all the washing up which meant I had a real holiday! Thank you Emma."

  • "Oom Hans Cottage"

    29 July 2013

    "Bed comfortable. Accommodation is basic and could do with repairs."

  • "What a little gem!"

    06 June 2013

    "My daughter and myself stayed in the separate little house (away from the main building). This was such an wonderful experience. It made be think back to my childhood. All the basics were available, even a coal stove for heat. One wakes up with a beautiful sunrise and cattle around the house."

  • "Lovely stay"

    02 April 2013

    "Once again we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there!"

  • "Wonderlik"

    28 February 2013

    "Baie skoon en netjies. Die omgewing en stilte is wonderlik."

  • "Lovely"

    17 August 2012

    "Absolutely amazing weekend for the ten of us! We felt we had stepped back one hundred years. Loved it and would definitely recommend it to all. Emma was amazing! A lovely weekend!"

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