Manyane Resort

Less than two hours away from Johannesburg, Manyane Resort is a haven within the borders of Pilanesberg National Park. Guests have several types of accommodation to choose from at Manyane Resort.

There are Chalets that feature air-conditioning, refrigerators, private patios, TVs and kitchenettes. For those who want to strike the balance between a more authentic experience and comfort, there are Safari Tents that are equipped with electricity, refrigerators, coffee and tea-making facilities, and proper beds.

Meanwhile, those who want to get closer to the wild outdoors can book one of our Caravan Sites or Campsites. These sites are an affordable option for those who are bringing their own tents or trailers inside the reserve.

The resort also has a swimming pool, playgrounds, a restaurant, a superette and centrally situated ablution facilities. Though Manyane Resort is a great location for those who want to enjoy a safari, it is also near tourist hotspots like Sun City and Rustenburg.

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  • "the hospitality"

    03 December 2018

    "it was very relaxing we had fun"

  • "Bathrooms being done up nicely"

    13 November 2018

    "We were on stand 18. next to us were about 25 very drunk, loud and swearing students that kept going on until 4am. When we selected our site other campers warned us (too late) that these revelers were out of control the previous night as well. We walked to security twice in the night and it was unmanned and we felt very vulnerable. Truly. Maybe you should follow up to the name of the booking and tell them they will be policed the next time the make a reservation. About 7 other sites the next day complained about the ignorance and vulnerability to this behavior we all experienced with no back-up. You used to have someone in the security hut and the area was patrolled by another. We ve been coming to Manyane for 24 years."

  • "Manyane resort"

    12 November 2018

    "Nice place, but the camping area was extremely noisy till early in the morning hours. Loud music, etc. Security should be allowed to control this and issue warnings to perpetrators ruining for the rest."

  • "Another lekker game camp site"

    06 November 2018

    "The baboon's stealing food etc was a pain, and it would have been great to have a bit more grass, however the stay was very enjoyable!"

  • "cleanliness"

    22 October 2018

    "lovely affordable accommodation , enough to keep the kids busy. will definitely be back"

  • "Game viewing & Sun sets"

    21 October 2018

    "Loved - the decent size and levelling of the Caravan sites. Improvements - repair the leaking taps in the showers and basins. Provide a plug for the wash basins. Surely braai grids can be wire brushed and cleaned as like National Parks camp sites. Music being played in the area of the restaurants and the adjacent private tented camp site at night. Baboons and monkeys are an absolute pain"

  • "Enjoyed the proximity to the park gate."

    14 October 2018

    "I think the mens bathrooms are tired and are in need of a refurbishment. Cracked tiles, leaking shower heads leave a poor taste. Otherwise a really nice place."

  • "Friendly and helpful."

    08 October 2018

    "Clean,staff friendly and helpful."

  • "Our camping equipment"

    30 September 2018

    "Camp sites are poorly marked Ablutions not cleaned regularly.. never in fact saw a cleanerReception staff unfriendly and in helpfulCaravan Shop over priced. They helped me carry the wood to the car and promptly let it next to the car .Power points half broken and the ones that are working are very far form each campsite so if you didnt have a long extension you would have no powerNo grass on camp sites with electricityWhy would tents and caravans not be allowed together .. Ladies toilets at the pool under maintenenace with no one doing any work.. wonder how long they have been under maintenance Resort is poorly maintained Comfort is marked 5 stars as we were camping and luckily provided those facilities"

  • "Manyane Camping"

    25 September 2018

    "Ablutions clean but everything were broken: toilet seats, shower heads, taps, etc.Roads full of potholes.Almost the whole of Pilansberg burnt down.Incompetency at the gate to get a permit. 7th in the row and waited for half an hour.Wonder where the 7000 animals were that were mentioned on the Internet."

  • "Camping for 3 nights"

    24 September 2018

    "It was much better than expected. The bathrooms have been re-done. They are clean and modern."

  • "Drive in the park"

    16 September 2018

    "R1500 for that tent per night is ridiculous. You dont even have a bathroom or cutlery."

  • "Excellent game viewing"

    28 August 2018

    "Too much noise from the nearby town over the weekend, blaring music at 03h00 in the morning."

  • "Camping in the bushveld was amazing. ."

    19 August 2018

    "Loved how we shared the camp area with animals and birds. Met a few wonderful people from other countries visiting Manyane. The only thing we did not like was the sand. Our tent was continuously dirty. Grass would make Manyane such a wonderful camp. Will be back in summer!"

  • "Excellent game viewing"

    14 August 2018

    "Bathroom facilities in the camping section really need to be improved, both in additional geysers and amount of abolitions as hot water was not around for four days!"

  • "Clean and Tidy Campsites"

    13 August 2018

    "The shops have limited items available and is extremely expensive. Overall a pleasant stay."

  • "The Game viewing"

    30 July 2018

    "I loved viewing the game and enjoyed the waterholes, for taking nice photos."

  • "A checky getaway"

    23 July 2018

    "I love escaping from JHB to the bush and this place makes it possible. With not being a keen camper I have always found the ablution blocks clean and the general campsite tidy."

  • "The Wildlife."

    13 July 2018

    "The shop in the campsite is very expensive and is always low on stock of the popular items. There somehow needs to be a change in the management style of the shop. We have camped regularly at Manyane is the last 5 years and it seems to be a continuous problem. One of the fridges was also not working and no thought to maybe move the warm stuff to one of the working fridges."

  • "The game"

    25 June 2018

    "No table or chairs for campers. Baboon in our camp site stealing food."

  • "Sightings in the park"

    26 May 2018

    "Not worth the money (2 people, 2 nights b&b) 6800 Rand!!!Im ersten Chalet (nr. 40) funktionierte die aircon nicht, man konnte nur khlen und nicht heizen. Das Licht beim Dampfabzug funktionierte nicht. Ganz schlechte Fenster und unbrauchbarer Grill. Man hat uns zuerst dieses Chalet zugewiesen, obwohl auf dem Anmeldeformular die Nr. 47 eingetragen war. Ich habe dann Nr. 47 verlangt und wiederwillig bekommen. Hier funktionierten zwei Kochplatten nicht. Bei zwei Lampen fehlten die Abdeckungen. Beim Nachttisch waren Platten zerbrochen. Fr ein Httchen fr 4 Personen gab es nur einen Stuhl in der Kche. Es waren nicht vier gleiche Weinglser vorhanden. Auch Chalet Nr. 47 war gesamthaft gesehen in einem desolaten Zustand. Das Niveau der schlechtesten Sanparks Unterknfte ist besser. Der Preis ist einfach unverschmt. Das Personal, ausser an der Reception ist sehr freundlich und bemht dem Gast ein gutes Erlebnis zu bieten. Das Personal an der Reception ist desinteressiert und unfreundlich. Wir hatten schon 2015 das selbe Erlebnis auch damals hat man uns zuerst ein verlottertes, nach Zigarettenrauch stinkendes Chalet angeboten. Nachdem wir reklamiert hatten, haben wir ein etwas besseres Chalet erhalten."

  • "Worst stay ever"

    09 May 2018

    "I really don't know how you can rate the resort as 3 star.There was no hot water in the showers the toilets did not flush and or work, nothing to buy in the caravan shop no ice, wood etc and the best was your restaurant had no meat when we went for supper.It was a shocking experience."

  • "herbivores free to roam the campsite"

    03 May 2018

    "I enjoyed the stay at the campsite (no. 76) in Manyane Resort. I loved that animals (not dangerous ones) were allowed to roam freely in the region outside the park, which isn't fenced off to the resort. The view into this region was very authentic. I took my camp chair into this region one day and sat there. I saw zebra, impala, springbok, kudu and a giraffe all walk pass me. Ablutions were great condition and water was hot and with strong pressure. The sound of the main road traffic however was always in the background."

  • "Wild life stay"

    01 May 2018

    "This time we were four friends camping together. The real bad thing about the camp was that the ablution block had no hot water. You have to shower very early or very late or the water was cold. The other thing is that the electrical outlets is very old and warn. We were struggling the whole weekend with bad and hot connections. Next time I hope this will be sorted."

  • "Scenery and animals!!"

    22 April 2018

    "Camped and ablution facilities are excellent!! Well kept stands and loved the impala and warthogs and mongoose walking around!"

  • "What a week"

    04 April 2018

    "The first time in 6 visits we saw lions on two different days. To top it all we saw a mating pair. had a visit by a warthog at our tent. Saw the entire mongoose family running around the campsite. Even the heavy downpour over two days could not dampen our spirits"

  • "Very nice place for a breakaway"

    02 April 2018

    "Everything is nice. Bathrooms are revamped and also the place for dishes. Wel done."

  • "Caravan campsite"

    19 March 2018

    "Very clean ablutions friendly staff clean camp highly recommended ."

  • "Great camping place"

    12 March 2018

    "We had an awesome time, clean ablution facilities and well maintained camping site. Will definitely be back."

  • "Weekend camp and game viewing"

    30 January 2018

    "Great weekend. Camp sites was clean.Bathrooms in a good condition.Staff was friendly and helpfull. We will be back"

  • "The Pilansberg"

    08 January 2018

    "Got to see Wild Dogs in a natural habitat. Camping was good. Very busy considering the holiday season. Overall a great experience for the whole family."

  • "The Pilanesberg park"

    06 January 2018

    "The restaurant needs to be improved in their food as well as staff"

  • "Great weekend in the bush"

    16 October 2017

    "We had a wonderful time. Staff were brilliant. Campers not so much but all part of the experience. The facilities were great."

  • "Besoek aan die wildtuin"

    15 October 2017

    "alhoewel die ablusies gemoderniseer is,val hulle alreeds uitmekaar. Die instandhouding is pateties. Die kampeerareas is lekker groot."


    09 October 2017


  • "Happy Campers"

    04 October 2017

    "My family and I had a great stay ay the Manyane Camp site. We saw great game and were extremely happy with some of the facilities at the camp site. One complaint I do have is the state of the ablution facility at the camp site. It really needs to be maintained better and checked on a regular basis as there are only two toilets and one shower."

  • "The animals that we saw"

    22 August 2017

    "Chalets need improvement. Roads are in a bad state"

  • "Great weekend camping."

    21 August 2017

    "Booked here last minute. Was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. We camped in the electricity camping. The actual campsite was a little cramped but we had good shade and a nice fire pit. Staff was very friendly and the bathrooms were very clean. Was very convenient with the Pilansburg gate being 5 minutes from our camp. My only complaint was the loud music from the town nearby. Thanks for everything.Regards"

  • "Perfect, but pricey"

    16 August 2017

    "We loved our stay it was super."

  • "Game viewing"

    03 August 2017

    "Breakfast was perfect"

  • "The game in the camping park"

    02 June 2017

    "The ablution blocks need a upgrade. The camping sites need some TLC."

  • "All the game"

    01 May 2017

    "All good , except all the thorns ( paper thorns ) in the campsites"

  • "Great Family Resort"

    22 March 2017

    "Great resort, with excellent facilities and amenities. Only complaint, but no direct fault of the resort, would be the noise level from the neighbouring town with music blaring into the early hours of the morning. Something should be done to curb this as it's extremely off putting."

  • "Nice place to stay at Pilanesburg"

    12 January 2017

    "We stayed in a safari tent, which was clean and well-kept."

  • "Great camping"

    31 December 2016

    "My family and I loved camping at Manyane Resort<br/>The sites are always clean <br/>The restaurant has the best food <br/>The camp site is very child friendly <br/><br/>Thanking you so much"

  • "Manyane pilansberg review"

    20 December 2016

    "I found manyane camp to be a very well run campsite. Lots of good shaded campsites. Clean amenities. Pool a little on small side if camp is busy. Very close to suncity which made a good day out. Pilansberg game reserve was great lots of amazing sightings of lion,leopard,cheetah. The general game are very relaxed around vehicles elephants were so chilled. Only negative were park officials some old guys driving around like sightings police. Waited 15 minutes to get a sighting of mating lion after 1 minute he was telling me to move on as they were about to mate again."

  • "Manyane camping"

    15 October 2016

    "The sites and ablution facilities are up to standard - no issues here !<br/>The service levels at the restaurant & bar are not good at all. Very slow !!!<br/>Noise levels from the staff doing maintenance from 06h30 a curse. To everyone out there watch out for the Baboons if you decide to camp in a tent. They trash the inside, and have no problems tearing the mesh on the panels etc... to gain access. beware !"


    27 September 2016

    "drunken crowd from a Classic Car club reving engines till all hours of the early morning, a firearm was drawn when asked to please stop/calm down, shortly after a gun shot was heard.<br/>All this was reported to Manyanes reception, security was no where to be found.<br/>DISGUSTING AND LIFE Threatening weekend never to be experienced again.<br/>NOT recommended"

  • "Manyane resort"

    18 July 2016

    "We enjoyed our stay at Manyane very much.<br />A clean camp site , ablutions were well looked after.<br />Thank you<br />"

  • "Camp site needs facelift"

    30 May 2016

    "Lack of maintenance and investment in camping side of resort."

  • "Great stay"

    09 May 2016

    "We camped in Manyane. Check-in was a breaze and all staff made it fun. Bathrooms are well kept. Really enjoyed the stay and will be back. <br />"

  • "What a a great experience!"

    26 March 2016

    "We were fortunate enough to spend two nights at Manyane camping and will certainly go back regularly. The main bathroom is new and well serviced. There are guards on duty all the time to keep baboons and warthogs in check, the swimming pool is brilliant, the little restaurants service is great and all personnel members are courteous and very friendly."

  • "Service and stay"

    22 March 2016

    "<p>The service was excellent. From entering the gate to leaving. We enjoyed our stay and the bathrooms are kept clean.</p><p>Only request, why not have a proper shop for people to buy small groceries etc. That we really miss especially if you forgot something.</p><p>We enjoyed our drive through the Pilansberg and had interesting and very rare sightings. Will come back again and again</p>"

  • "Amazing"

    07 January 2016

    "Our stay was amazing and peaceful. To stay between some wildlife was truly a gift."

  • "Awesome!!!"

    01 November 2015

    "It was amazing, thank you."

  • "Excellent"

    20 October 2015

    "My stay at Manyane Resort was excellent - it has been a while since I last visited and I must say the changes to the ablution facilities were a welcome suprise. Will definitly visit again."

  • "Time at Manuyana"

    09 October 2015

    "Had a wonderful time at Pilansberg. The charlets are not made for more than 2 people as the loft is unbearable hot!"

  • "What a great experience"

    29 September 2015

    "<div style="text-align: left;"><p class="MsoNormal">First time campers, great experience, will definitely comeback. Clean, great facilities.<o:p></o:p></p></div>"

  • "Too close to the town"

    07 September 2015

    "Manyane is a mixed bag at the moment. The camp itself is fine, renovated ablution blocks with marble counter tops are very nice, but the town is creeping closer and the noise at night is too much for us. There is a club that sounds like it is right by the fence, and the loud music with heavy bass is heard right through the night, every night, and most afternoons too.<div><br /></div><div>Thats a deal breaker for us - it's what we're trying to get away from when we come to Pilanesberg.</div><div><br /></div><div>We'll try elsewhere in future.<br /><div><div><br /></div></div></div>"

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